Home Island Tours

Let us show you the beauty and tell you the history that is Home Island. The jewel of the Cocos Keeling Islands. We have experienced, local born and bred tour guides that will immerse you in all aspects of their island home. A place that their ancestors have lived on since 1826.

Let us show you the ways of the Cocos Malay people, their unique culture and traditions that have evolved during our 200 year history on an island that’s simply known as “Home Island”. Tours will show you landmarks around the island, you’ll learn how to husk a coconut, see how basket weaving is done and best of all you get a chance to sample traditional local foods.

But we don’t stop at land tours. Why not do a waterbike tour with us too!

Check out Home Island from the water. Ride across the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and do some island hopping. Enjoy some swimming and snorkelling while also learning about the history of these islands.

Tours are a great way to explore new places while also learning about its history and the environment around it. When you’re on an island with the tranquil waters of a lagoon surrounding it then, it’s only fitting that you explore both what’s on land and on water.

Waterbike Tours

Our Chiliboats waterbikes are incredibly safe and stable however they have a maximum weight restriction of 120kg.

They are suitable for heights above 120cm and for this reason we recommend no children under the age of 12yrs old ride the bikes. The waterbikes seats are adjustable for leg length.

Home Island Hire Waterbike tours are small exclusive groups with your own private guide.

Personalised, individual, attention making the perfect recipe for your own truly unique adventure on the lagoon of the Cocos Islands.

We have 3 tours catering for all tastes. Minimum number of 2 people per tour.

Buggy Tours

Electric golf buggies are an iconic part of Home island life and that’s why we are using these for our island tours. 

We have both 4 and 8 seater buggies so can cater for all group sizes. The buggies have canopies for shade, drink holders and are comfortable. 

We offer the following buggy tours. Minimum number of 2 people per tour.