Home Island Adventure

Welcome to Home Island, a paradise nestled among the Cocos Keeling Islands, off the West Australian Coast in the Indian Ocean. Lets take a tropical island adventure…

Stepping off a plane that left from Western Australian’s capital city, Perth, we are met with warm tropical air, filled with the smell of sea salt and the promise of a relaxing holiday. The airport is small and the locals are friendly, we are welcomed with large, happy and open smiles.

We immediately want to explore the beaches and learn about the archipelago island groups that make up this remote territory of Australia. Coconut tress, palm trees and lagoons spread over 27 islands offer a playground for Australian’s, without a need for a passport.

Departing ‘West Island’ we venture by boat to ‘Home Island’, where we check into our comfortably holiday accommodation. With a total of 600 people living on the only two inhabited islands, Home Island and West Island, there’s an application process for tourists. The islands tourism visitor numbers are capped, this stops the area from getting too busy, allowing us to settle into the relaxed pace of island life all too easily.

Home Island has a museum where we discover World War history and learn about the culture of the resident Cocos Malay people. The Islands have a diverse, rich history and culture where one family ruled the Islands for almost 150 years.

We spend our days on Home Island, swimming, relaxing and snorkelling. The days are warm and sunny and the nights are tropical with a salty sea breeze. We visit beaches with crystal clear water and experience snorkelling right from the shores edge. Coconut trees meet the lapping waves and white sand.

Home Island is a place you visit and never want to leave. There’s nothing like the feeling of being at ‘Home’.